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Investment is Easy, Trading is Difficult by Ankur Gupta

freedom bird

Freedom Bird Advisory Private Limited is an independent Firm which manages growth equity investment with alternative strategies.

  • Rich & Wealthy people own Equity
  • The way they manage their money determine their financial Future

About Us

Freedom Bird is a central Delhi based investment and advisory firm which has its philosophy deeply rooted in discovering value across a wide spectrum of asset classes including equities, global forex, commodities and bullion. At Freedom Bird we aspire to be the benchmark in providing unique and objective investment solutions to our various clients depending on their portfolio size, financial goals and time horizon. Integrity and transparency in our relationships is the stepping stone of our business. It is our belief that every client’s needs are distinct and hence optimizing the balance between their return and risk appetite is the key. The objective is to identify medium to long term public market opportunities in undervalued businesses run by talented and honest..

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